Photography from Eat & Click Fikom Untar
Rabu, 15 April 2015

Are you Instagrammers? Interested in the foodgraphy world? Want to become a food stylist? Fikom Untar have a solution. Working closely with the Cheese Cake Factory Tomang, Jakarta, student / i Fikom of DRealist Event Organizer (4/4) successfully organized a foodgraphy workshop!

ATT_1428392583119_1428249148467 Tim DRealist dan Pembicara Eat&Click

Dozens of neatly arranged rows of chairs, sofas stand beautiful bright red, and a white square table ready to welcome the participants in attendance. Eat & Click event is organized by the Student / Faculty of Communication I Department of Public Relations Untar. Glancing at Instagram foodgraphy phenomena has become a trending, they combine the culinary world with a touch of photography in a theme of "How to Turn Your Passion into Profession".

ATT_1428392525659_1428249162578 Alex Tan dan Lucky Oetama


ATT_1428392516408_1428249164168 Reggy Alexander, Lucky Oetama, Alex Tan, Crew DRealist, dan June of Lulabyspoon

Some food stylist, food bloggers, and young foodgrapher present a guest on Eat & Click event. Such as Lucky Oetama, Alex Tan, June of Lulabyspoon, and Reggy Alexander. They took dozens of participants from various universities were there to take a peek of foodgraphy’s lucrative industry. Not only that, they also share the motivation and inspiration choosing world foodgraphy and use Instagram as a facilities to express the work. In fact, they did not forget to share tips and tricks to get how to get perfect lighting and edit the photos. Workshop sessions more fun when they are challenged photographing meals without preparation in a short time. ATT_1428392165883_1428249165863 ATT_1428393391878_Screenshot_2015-04-07-14-54-11~2 Not only the workshop’s speakers, participants also challenged to photographing dishes. Foodgraphy practitioner that became jury of the assessment was announced at the end of the event. Simply by photographing their dinner menu and then upload the photos to Instagram, they had the opportunity to bring home prizes from the sponsors of the event and DRealist. Hopefully with the workshop from the student / I Fikom, participants can add insight and begin to explore the phenomenal world of foodgraphy. (fs)
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