Tentang ICCIC

Communication science has become one of the studies that increasingly attracted the attention of the audience, especially with the presence of new media as a potential channel to improve people’s lives in various aspects. It can’t be denied that communication science has significant contribution to the development of industry and society .

In the media industry , in addition to the development of mainstream media, the emergence of online media portal shows the utilization of media convergence that is now demanded by its audiences. New media and the application of the science of marketing communication is also used by industry, small scale industries, and also medium to large industry to improve their services and maximize its presence in the competitive world of business . In the community context, communication science is able to probe issues of social and cultural. Communication science is also used to develop the community so that it able to compete internationally .

ICCIC would like to invite all academics ; practitioners from both the commercial industry, government and media practitioners: students, researchers , etc to see the phenomenon and the social reality of the development of information technology and communications pertaining to the practice of media development, industry , the community in the life of a dynamic society .  As said before, communication science also contributed to the development of business and the business areas of industry , both in terms of marketing , branding and image development , as well as the context of its contribution to development and society .

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