Fikom Untar Student Shares Tips to Face MSIB Selection

Faculty of Communication Science (Fikom) Student, Kimberley Adonia Gunawan, managed to finish her internship semester at The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) through Certified Internship and Independent Study Program (MSIB).

From 1.000 registrants, Kimberley became one of three students accepted for MSIB at Kemendikbudristek.

Realizing the challenge of that, Kimberley shares a few tips to improve the chance to be accepted for MSIB.


1. Dare

Firstly, students must be dare to try. “Don’t be afraid to register and always improve your skills,” said Kimberley.

2. Active

Students actively involved in organizations, in and out of campus, as well as community engagements, could obtain relations and experience, which become a plus point.

3. Having a Balance of Academic and Non-Academic

Students must have a balanced academic and non-academic achievement. “Make sure the academic factor, which reflected on your GPA, to be good, in order to improve the chance for you to be accepted,” Kimberley said.


Although accepted for MSIB, Kimberley admits that her experience in her internship all easy and with no challenge. One of the challenge she faced was when she got appointed to be the master of ceremony in a ministry event.

Kimberley as a master of ceremony

Kimberley states that becoming the master of ceremony was very challenging. Nevertheless, her experience at DPM and PRO Fikom Untar organizations helped her to be confident in facing challenges she met during her internship.

“Don’t be afraid to register and keep improving your skills relevant to your respective programs,” the 2020 year Fikom student said.

Certified Internship and Independent Study Program (MSIB) is one of Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) program launched by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). This program is aimed for students to obtain experience and knowledge regarding professional world and to produce future professionals. (VW/AW)

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