Stunning Performance, Untar Student Wins First Place in Indonesia’s Got Talent

Documentation: IGT

Untar student Alisa Priscilla Lie won first place in Indonesia’s Got Talent (IGT) 2023, Monday (14/8).

The 2021 Fikom student managed to amaze the judges and won the prestigious talent hunt event aired on a national TV station. Joining the Femme Fatale group, Alisa told a story through dance and magic.

The judges also gave the highest praise and considered that so far they had never seen a combination of magic and dance, where the dance was taken seriously.

Alisa’s performance with Femme Fatale managed to present a different, unique, and extraordinary performance that stole the attention of the audience.

Alisa admits that what drives her to perform is the love for dance and the belief to be like her idols.

“Starting from idolizing Indonesian girl groups, it inspired me to be like them. Since then, I have always been actively developing my talent in dance,” she said.

Alisa’s achievements through the IGT event have not left her behind in the academic field. Lectures are still the main thing for her.

“I always attend lectures at Fikom Untar even though I am busy with various activities,” she said.

Alisa wants to inspire her friends to remain enthusiastic in their work, namely hard work and always giving their best.

“All dreams can come true if you believe and trust,” Alisa said.

Dean of Fikom Untar Dr. Riris Loisa, M.Si. said that the campus supports every potential that students have, both academic and non-academic. The university also provides various facilities for students to channel their talents and interests, including through student activity units.

“Alisa’s success is certainly due to her hard work and we are very proud of her achievement,” concluded Dr. Riris. (AW/YS/AW)

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